Oxygen Facials in Tampa – What You Need To Know

Oxygen Facial FAQ

What Is An Oxygen Facial?

An oxygen facial (or Geneo Facial) is a “non-medical” procedure created to oxygenate, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Additionally, this process supports natural collagen production to help you achieve glowing skin.

During this facial our staff will perform oxygen facial therapy. As a result, you will notice visibly smoothed lines, less wrinkles and glowing skin. This treatment is perfect for all skin types and lasts about 1 hour.

How Do Oxygen Facials Work?

So how does an oxygen facial work? The theory behind oxygen facials is that
skin cells that are fully oxygenated look bright and healthy. When used as a skincare treatment, oxygen helps encourage a healthy skin barrier and hydrate the skin. When you give skin cells a boost of oxygen, you help keep your skin looking bright.

Incredible Benefits Of An Oxygen Facial

Supports Natural Collagen

Collagen is an essential component of healthy skin. It works to help your cells
bind together, which promotes skin elasticity and stronger skin. As collagen
weakens (due to aging, sun damage, and other stressors), wrinkles begin to
form. Oxygen or OxyGeneo facials can help to support your natural collagen
and help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more
youthful appearance on all skin types.

Detoxifies Your Skin

Your skin may be craving a detox. Oxygen, nutrients, peptides and vitamins
added to an oxygen facial can help boost your skin’s detoxification process and lessen the effects of environmental irritants and sun damage. Detoxifying your
skin can also help work to restore skin cells.

Speeds up Cell Turnover

Skin cells turnover decreases by age. As a result, between the ages 30-50, this may happen only every few weeks! By exfoliating, dead skin cells are replaced by new,
healthy cells that keep your skin bright and glowing. This process is known as
cell regeneration. If you’re wondering how to keep skin young, an oxygen facial
can help maintain the health of your current skin cells and boost the frequency in
which new cells are created. Faster cell turnover will aid in the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles and glow.

Keeps Skin Clear

Breakouts occurs when the pores of your skin become clogged with oil, dirt, dead
skin, or bacteria. An oxygen facial will help diminish the appearance of pores
so that they do not accumulate dust and dirt. Furthermore, clean and healthy pores will keep your skin glowing for longer and prevent unwanted acne. Everyone’s skin is different, By using high-quality products, the effects of an oxygen facial will routinely last up to 10 days. The best part? There is no post-treatment downtime! The Oxygen facial is the best facial to receive before a big event.

Stimulates Circulation

Poor circulation decreases the normal strength, elasticity, and flexibility of the skin.
Once that happens, our skin is more prone to break in one way or another. Poor
circulation can lead to skin wounds and lesions. Your skin relies on your circulation
system to get the oxygenated blood and nutrients that it needs to thrive and, when this system is impeded or damaged, it can affect how your skin looks. The Oxygen Facial spends 8 minutes specifically stimulating circulation with red light and lymphatic massages.

How Often Do You Need To Get An Oxygen Facial?

Many dermatologists recommend getting facials every 4-6 weeks. That being said, oxygen facials are a good way to maintain skin that is already healthy and youthful. Some dermatologists recommend oxygen facial at any age, but as you get older, you may want to consider stronger treatments like lasers, peels or microneedling.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of an oxygen facial is generally between $150 and $195. However, we offer a Buy 5 and Get 1 Free special. Keep in mind, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you’re seeing a reputable, trained professional with a Geneo Facial equipment from Lumenis.
Most laser clients describe the treatment as mildly uncomfortable, but not painful. For sensitive facial and body areas, however, some people do ask for a topical anesthetic cream. If you decide you would prefer an anesthetic, we can provide a topical anesthetic for you.

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